Saheer Maaden


Saheer Ma’aden is Your partner for effective climate protection in the Aluminium Industry. Shaping the present for future, together with you through processing aluminium hazardous waste in making ingots which can be used to manufacture various metallic components and alloys.

Saheer Ma’aden is a Joint Venture Company established in Oman between Barik International and Norton Aluminium of UK. Together we have set up, Environmentally friendly Aluminum Dross processing plant at Sohar to exclusively cater to the local dross producers and help reduce their carbon foot print.

We together manufacture primary and secondary aluminium foundry alloys, and continue to be the major supplier to Honda, Nissan and Toyota and be the dominant supplier of aluminium aerospace foundry alloys.

Capitalizing on decades of experience in the recovery of metal units from dross, we intend to invest selectively in the latest production technology and work closely with leading Oman & UK universities to develop improved processing technologies and understand and improve molten metal quality.

We currently favor the use of salt flux method to maximize metal recoveries and enhance the cleanliness of molten metal produced, using the new Melting Solutions furnace, which allows the use of lower amounts of salt than any of its peers and thus generates lower amounts of salt slag per ton of output. This slag can be 100% recycled at appropriate recycling facilities or may be committed to suitably lined landfills after appropriate pre-treatment.

Environmental Care

We operate under strict environmental conditions agreed with the Local Environment Agency, setting limits on a wide range of air, water and solid emissions. We use the latest air emissions control technology from Germany, and consistently achieve emission levels well below the control limits required. There are no emissions from the proposed process to surface water or foul drainage.

Value Added Services

We can handle the dross press area of the client, Provide skips, transport to our dross processing area ourselves, recover all available metal units and dispose of any resultant waste products in an environmentally benign manner at an agreed price. Transport of dross between producers and our site will be in purpose made roll-on roll-off skips hauled by a self-owned vehicle for the purpose. Ensuring skips availability at the customer site whenever required.

Factory Layout

Our factory is located in Sohar Industrial Area. The principal factory land is approx. 20,000sq Mtrs. in size. With covered dross processing & storage areas and a nominal office space.

Contact Information

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