Barik Electricals


Barik Electrical is the division of Barik Group. Barik Group divers in Electrical, Telecom, IT Infra and software solutions, Trading, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Engineering, Civil Construction.

Barik Electrical geared to execute any project successfully. All personnel involved in the execution of projects are well trained in the various aspects of the job, and are capable of providing ongoing, stable support for all equipment. Barik Electrical greatest asset is a strong, dedicated team qualified in design, installation and commissioning who ensure that the installation practices subscribe to the rigid specifications laid down by the principals.

We are experienced in providing high-quality solutions to clients in diverse business areas.
We provide cost-effective global support by our offshore partners across Gulf and other countries.

Infrastructure Services

We offer a variety of Electrical Consultancy Services for our customers. Our solutions are widely used for installation of various safety systems, such as PLC, relay, emergency stops and sensors for plants. These can be personalized depending on exact application and delivered as per various industry standards and norms.

  • Feeder Pillar
  • Transformers
  • Nuhas/Oman Cables
  • Cable Tray & Trucking
  • Earth rods & Accessories
  • Repl Cable jointing Kits
  • Lugs/ Glands ,Cable Ties, Caution Tape
  • Distribution Panel
  • Street Light Poles
  • All Control Components Like, (Relays , Contactors, Limit Switches, Pneumatic Switches Ect…)
  • We are dealing with Siemens & ABB PLC.
  • A to Z All Electrical Materials

Various Project Done

(A) New Muscat International Airport

  1. 400km Cables Laying work
  2. 6000 Glanding & Termination

(B) Nawaras Service Connection For Telecom Towers

( C) Installation Of substation in ROP

( D) Permanent & the Temporary power supply in ROP.

(E) Testing & Commissioning  in RGO

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