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Barik International LL.C is a division of Barik Group serving various Industrial customers in Oman.

The company activities are mainly divided into 5 major Areas:

  • Trading and Supply of Various:
    • Oilfield Chemicals
    • Industrial Chemicals
    • State of Art laboratory equipment and Services
    • Drilling fluid Services and Mud Engineering Services
  • Sales and after sales of Multi-clean products
  • Industrial Products Supplies:
    • Valves & Pipe Fittings
    • Thermal Protection fabric
    • Engineered & Fabricated Products
  • Water & Waste Treatment & Products:
    • Reverse Osmosis Plants
    • Sewage Treatment Plants
    • Boilers, Cooling Towers & Storage Tanks.
    • O & Maintenance Services for both of the above plants
  • Technology Products:
    • Sea Water Intake System – State of the art Technology. No O&M Cost
    • Zero Liquid Discharge Technology
    • Odor Control
  • Metals & Minerals:
    • Melting Furnaces
    • Holding Furnaces
    • Lauder System
    • Pollution Control System
    • Induction Furnaces
    • All related spare parts and handling equipment.
  • Aluminium Waste Handling::
    • Dross Processing
    • Non-Ferrous Recycling
    • Alloying
    • Powder Handling Conveyor System

We have our operations in Oman, UAE & India.

1. ROOTS Cleaning Products:

RootsScrub E/B 6050 +
Easy guidance, excellent steering and extremely maneuverable.
Non-corrosive, robust plastic tanks.
Cylindrical brush deck for enhanced scrubbing and effective pre-sweep.
Ergonomically designed operating panel and handle.
Excellent view of operating switches and area to be cleaned. Service friendly.
2 Area performance up to 2000 m /hr.
RootsScrub E/B 6060
Twin Brush with Power Flow technology.
For efficient wet cleaning of medium sized and large areas.
Simple handling and high performance.
Optimum view of working area and brush head.
2 Area Performance upto 2400 m /hr.
SD 43
High torque transmission ensures maximum cleaning performance.
Very quiet and vibration free machine.
Fitted with large wheels for easy transport.
Simple loading and unloading of brushes & drive disc.
Ideal for floor scrubbing, carpet shampooing and industrial floor cleaning.
RootsScrub RB 800
Battery Driven Ride On Scrubber Drier.
Highly maneuverable and comfortable.
Working width of 800 mm.
Two plate brushes.
2 Area Performance up to 5200 m /hr.
RootsScrub E/B 430
Quick, Economical, Automatic Scrubber Drier for efficient cleaning.
Rugged, modular construction for effective manoeuvrability.
Battery or mains operated with power flow drive.
430 mm working width.
2 Area performance up to 1700m /hr.
RootsScrub E 350
Compact, Handy, Scrubber Drier for smaller areas.
Unique twin squeegee mechanism.
Portable solution tanks eliminate additional containers for emptying.
Easy and quick brush replacement.
Working width up to 350 mm.
2 Area performance up to 1400 m /hr.

We represent several International companies

  • Schmierer
  • Tellabs
  • Witeg
  • Stiko
  • SA Calcium Carbide
  • pmt Water Engineering
  • Vision
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