Barik Engineering & Technical Services LLC is managed by a dedicated and well experienced team who are specialised in providing Integrated Solutions for oil and gas problems ranging from upstream, midstream and downstream. The team are able to customize solution and services on specific case basis with high technical input and customer result oriented as an objective.

The aim of Barik Services & Technical Engineering LLC is to provide full range of services in the field of oil and gas with promising the best possible quality in accordance with international standards and client requirement. Barik is committed to expand its services and solution in line with modern and updated techniques of engineering and environmental requirements by keeping ROI of client as main target.

We design and produce a wide gamut of products according to the customers’ specifications and requirements. Apart from standard orders, we also take pride to undertake bulk orders of products and believe in delivering the orders timely.

Barik Engineering Technology mainly offers extended services without setting any limitation in innovation and creativity. Well Stimulation and Optimization, Pipeline Cleaning and Inspection , Heat exchanger cleaning , Tank cleaning with recovery factors, Cathodic Protection and Corrosion Control, Online fin-fan and cooling tower cleaning are the projects and expertise the team looking after professionally and not limited at.

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