Barik Engineering & Technical Services LLC is managed by a dedicated and well-experienced team of experts who provide solutions for oil and gas problems from upstream to downstream. We provide customized solutions and services based on specific case needs with a high level of technical input and customer-oriented objectives.

As a full-range oil and gas service provider, Barik Services & Technical Engineering LLC aims to deliver the best possible quality according to international standards and client requirements. By focusing on ROI – the main goal of Barik – the company strives to expand its services and solutions in line with modern and updated methods of engineering and environmental requirements.

Depending on the customer’s specifications and requirements, we design and manufacture a wide range of products. Every issue in oil and gas should be handled in the most knowledgeable way, therefore analyzing the issues to the root cause makes us stand out as an integrated services provider.

Barik Engineering Technology focuses on offering extended services without setting any limits on innovation and creativity. Well Stimulation and Optimization, Pipeline Cleaning and Inspection, Heat Exchanger Cleaning, Tank Cleaning with Recovery Factors, Cathodic Protection, and Corrosion Control, Online cooling tower and fin fan cleaning are all aspects the team is experienced in and capable of doing.

Our Strength



Product/Services/Chemical Technology

Heavy Oil Optimization and Wellbore Clean-Up

Production Enhancement and Heavy Oil Optimization

1)     In-house chemical technology is tailor-made to meet the exact problem/deposit in the well to improve both inflow and outflow performance.

2)     The chemical will be injected via bull heading or even maybe with CTU up to 2-5ft into formation to clear the blockage.

3) Special tailor-made chemical to address issues of wax/scale/naphthenates/asphaltenes/barium sulfate, etc.

4)     Microemulsion based technology for paraffin/inorganic remediation.

5)     Non-acidic base Barium Sulfate removal/remediation.

6)     Viscosity reducer for flow assurance (68% reduction).

7)     Production Chemical for emulsion, H2S scavenger, deoiler and DRA.


·         BG-EXO

·         BG-CLENZ

·         BG-VISR

·         BG-40D

·         BG-25R

·         BG-MQLV

·         BG-5573


Automated Hydrocarbon Storage Tank Cleaning and Recovery

Automated hydrocarbon tank cleaning- 95% recovery factor

1)     A zero-man entry hydrocarbon tank cleaning approach in the market via BLABO system.

2)     Recovery rate up to 95% and ROI for the client on the sludge recovery without additional waste treatment outside.

Tank bottoms are a combination of hydrocarbons, sediment, paraffin, inorganics and water Paraffin based crude oil sludge forms when the molecular orbitals of individual straight-chain hydrocarbons are blended by proximity, producing an induced dipole force that resists separation These dipole forces are called London Dispersion Forces, or Van der Waal bonds, and are responsible for like molecular aggregation As the straight-chain hydrocarbons flocculate (heavier meaning predominantly the C 20 hydrocarbon molecules), they tend to fall out of suspension within a static fluid, where they accumulate on the tank floor as a gel Over time, this gel stratifies as the volatile components within the gel are ‘ out due to changes in temperature and pressure. This departure of the volatile components results in a concentration increase of the heavier fractions within the sludge, resulting in increased density and viscosity and decreased mobility. Conventional cleaning of oil storage tanks has always been causing major concerns for the safety of the personnel carrying out manual cleaning and has been having a serious impact on our environment as a consequence of disposing crude oil sludge into open earth pits, in addition to taking a great deal of time, effort and money. The problem can be solved effectively with high ROI with the Automated Hydrocarbon Recovery Tank Cleaning method. Innovative Automated Hydrocarbon Recovery and Tank Cleaning is a process where safety and ROI for clients will be the top priority besides the objective. This process remarks an enormous saving of up to 98% recovery of hydrocarbon from the sludge in the tank with a time-saving operational sequence.

·         Automated Hydrocarbon Recovery & Tank Cleaning using BLABO System.











Pipeline Cleaning & Maintenance

Pipeline Cleaning/ Flow assurance


1)     In-house chemical technology is tailor-made to meet the pipeline issues namely wax/scale/hydrate, etc as per the problem statement.

2)     Improvise flow assurance and flow sustainability via both chemical and mechanical approaches.

·         This can be also supported via our software approach for drag-reducing agents and other production chemical studies namely deoiler / demulsifier, etc

·         BG-25R

·         BG-CLENZ

·         Hydromechanical Cleaning

·         Dewaxing

·         Descaling


EOR & Fracturing

EOR and Frac Additives

1)     Barik together with its principal, Advanced Biocatalytic (ABC, 1996) produces superior production and maintenance fluids for downhole oil and gas applications. Our Peptide Surfactant Complex™ (PSC™) technology lowers interfacial tension and critical micelle concentration while reducing capillary pressure and penetrating deeper in the formation than other leading fluids. PSC™ fluids lead the industry in performance and environmental standards.

2)     PSC™ is biotechnology that has been developed through a proprietary yeast fermentation process. Our fermentation delivers higher surfactant performance, lower cost, and reduced carbon footprint. With PSC™ technology, we deliver innovation to the industry and results for our customers.

3)     Polymer = to improve macroscopic efficiency.

4)     Surfactant and Alkaline = to improve microscopic displacement efficiency.

·         PSC EOR 4C

·         PSC Frac 3B

·         PSC HOMF

·         PSC Hvis3

·         PSC EcoAcid15


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