Barik Group at a Glance

An International Business Group with Operations in 7 countries, having its own offices in 4 countries, 11 different and Niche verticals, 200 plus employees, Ethically and Financially sound.

Who are we?

Barik Group, a company established in the year 2001 with an objective to enter the business world and to dedicate ourselves for development of the society we work in. We have our Head office located in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman and International branches in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Sudan. Our experience in the region has given us deep perspicacity and insight into various business and service verticals.

We are a highly diverse group serving many different verticals touching almost every Facet of Trade and Business functions including wide range of Oil and Gas services, Pipeline and tank Inspection services, IT services-Specialised Software solutions, Telecommunications and mobile services, Inspection services, Construction, Real Estate, Electrical and Electronics, Turnkey Projects, Corrosion Engineering services and Trading Oil and Gas equipment, marine, chemicals, Consumables and various similar activities.

We had to undergo many tough and unforgettable days to reach where we are now. As we look back with pride at our success, we make it a point never to lose touch with our ideals. We have before us the formidable task of being among the best companies serving humanity wherever possible in the region and subsequently in the world.We have forged our trail through the Middle-east market, paving the way with quality, competitive pricing and above all, satisfied and recurring clients through out our history, making us feel as if we are one of the best companies around.

We are committed to superior and innovative services, impeccable quality, competitive pricing and over all, complete satisfaction of our clients. These attributes have been and will continue to be the cornerstone for our success.

Introducing Trading & Services Activity

  • Barik – International Business (BIB)
  • Flow Control Products-Pipes, Pumps, Values
  • Process Equipment- Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Cooling Towers, Pressure vessels, Reactors, Separators
  • Water & Waste Treatment Products
  • Metals- Furnaces, Launders, Charging Machines, Presses, Stacker’s, Conveyors, Saws, Rolling Mill Equipment (Steel & Aluminium) etc
  • Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Focused Activity

  • JV’S with INT’L Oil Companies
  • Water & Waste Treatment
  • Regional Coverage
  • ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS Engineering Solutions
  • Metallurgy
  • Manufacturing -JV

Our Vision is to Build an Ethical Business Organization with a Purpose to Grow Physically & Spiritually, A Healthy Society to implement Universal Natural System (UNS) CMCG Concept, to Develop Succeeding Generations with Deep Concern also fulfil the Purpose of Life.

  • To Implement Processes Which Empowers People.
  • To Help Achieve Personal & Business Goals of our Staff, Shareholders & Stakeholders.
  • To Achieve Customer Delight By Providing Quality Services, delivering Quality products, continuous monitoring for improvement in all our business processes and committing ourselves to Health, Safety and Environmental protection using all our resources.

Organisational Chart

Barik Group Organisational Chart

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